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This wine is from 17-23 year old vines and is fermented in stainless steel then left on fine lees for two months. This is the freshest and earliest approachable of the wines with pure expression of Chablis character.

Floral notes dominate the nose though there are pretty citrus and sea breeze nuances in the background. There is good mid-palate fat to the round, rich and delicious flavors that possess a saline character on the almost delicate finish. The wines are elegant, very fresh and possess a wonderful sense of tension and drive.

Despite being born far from the sea, Petit Chablis has a tang of ozone about it which calls for oysters, raw fish, and prawns (raw, grilled, or in sauce). It also pairs well with small river fish (fried), grilled sardines, and other fish species. It is masterly with fried eggs and omelets, as it tames their heaviness in the mouth. In the same way, it lends definition to tripe sausages (andouillettes) and snails (escargots). Goat cheese is perfectly at ease with its roguish appeal, as are pressed or hard cheeses such as Gouda or Gruyère. Its freshness and simplicity make it an ideal wine for summer salads or as a pre-dinner drink - try serving it with savory puff pastries (gougères).

Serving temperatures: 8°C as a pre-dinner drink, 9 to 10°C with food.


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