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Sauternes wines drink beautifully on their own, as aperitif or standing in for a dessert. Look to the classic pairing of Sauternes and foie gras for a hint: the idea is to find flavors and textures that will stand up to the wine. For instance, dishes with components that are creamy (cream sauces, high-fat cheeses), salty (cured hams), briny (seafood), mineral (oysters), acidic (lemons) and even spicy (chiles) make fine matches. Similarly, the right textures cut through the wine's honey-like body: dense, flavorful fruits (pineapples, apricots), beef, meaty fish and crunchy fried foods all do the job beautifully.

The Sauternes from Château d’Arche are greenish pale gold. The nose is already open and dominated by notes of white fruits (pear, apple) and flowers. When swirled, candied orange aromas and apricot jam come through as well as a subtle oak-iness. On the palate, this vintage is crisp, succulent and mineral. The evolution confirms a well-rounded balance, sharpness and delicacy from the minerals enhanced by pure candied notes.

Serving temperature: 11 to 13 °C.



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