Francoise Andre – Beaune 1er Cru Reversees

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Colour: striking and vivid colour - a luminous scarlet.

Bouquet: aromas of black fruits (blackcurrant, blackberry) and red (cherry, gooseberry), as well as humus and underbrush. When older, it is redolent of truffle, leather, and spices.

Palate: in youth, it charms the palate with the taste of crunchy fresh grape. Firm, upright and full of juice, it evolves with time, revealing a solid and absolutely convincing structure.

Fleshy and generous, the Beaune reveal great aromatic power and solid textures which, inevitably partner them with musky and very firm meats such as feathered game, roasted or braised. Cheeses : choose Époisses, Soumaintrain, Munster, Maroilles...

Serving temperature : 15 to 16 °C.


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