Francoise Andre – Corton Renardes Grand Cru

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The Corton reds are an intense velvety crimson, darkening towards magenta. Their generous aromatic expression is of fruit notes (blueberry, gooseberry, kirsch cherry) or flowers (violet), evolving towards underbrush, animal, leather, fur, pepper and liquorice. On the palate this wine is well-built, powerful and muscular and the chewy body comes to the fore. Firm, frank and fat, it requires time (4-12 years) to reach its peak.

Its deep, dark red color with mauve highlights caused Victor Hugo to speak of this wine as “night in combat with day”.

Solid and opulent, Corton is a Bourgogne’s iconic - highly complex, impressively mouth-filling in a way that is at once sensual and structured. For this reason, strong soft-centered cheeses and blue cheeses are needed to tame it. But, without question, its closest companions are highly flavored meats that match its powerful flavors and intense aromas.

Indeed, this wine is sublime with roast or grilled beef, or any and all game (furred or feathered) roasted, braised or - naturally - in sauce. Serving temperature: 14 to 16°C.


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