Guillerault – Fargette – Sancerre Panseillots

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Classic Sauvignon Blanc aromas of flint, Meyer lemon zest, pear and green apple coalesce in the nose. Showing citrusy freshness without being too lean or green, this Sancerre offers flavors of tart lime zest and wet stone with a hint of gooseberry.

A classic Sauvignon Blanc in all its flinty, racy glory, the Guillerault-Fargette Sancerre has the brightness and acidity to pair with crab, lobster and other crustaceans; oysters, mussels and other shellfish; light, flaky fish; and salads. Fresh goat cheeses, creamy Brie, triple creme cheeses, ricotta, feta and Parmigiano-Reggiano all go well with Sancerre.

Serving temperature: 11 to 13 °C.


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