Henri Audiffred – Vosne Romanee Aux Champs de Perdrix

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Color: Shades of red vary from pure ruby to black tulip.

Bouquet: Ripe fruit over species with strawberry, raspberry, bilberry or blackcurrant.

Palate: refined, well-blended aromas, evolve with age into cherries in brandy, preserved fruits, leather and fur, and gamey/woodland scents. Velvety and distinguished. The Pinot Noir at the top of its form.

The powerfully tannic but nevertheless perfectly smooth build of this spicy, opulent, and meaty wine inclines it towards strongly flavored meats with a markedly fibrous consistency that the wine can tame and envelop. Good-quality poultry, lamb (patiently oven-roasted), and roasted feathered game are easy first choices. But a thick cut of lean, firm-textured beef will match the wine's fullness, while spicy couscous with poultry will be equally delighted with such a wine for company. A less obvious pairing - with cooked fattened goose liver (foie gras poêlé) - also has its advocates amongst serious foodies. This wine has a sufficient force of personality to accompany intensely flavored cheeses such as Époisses, Langres, Saint-Florentin, or Aisy cendré, as well as Cîteaux.

Serving temperature: 14 to 16 °C.



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