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The Mâcon-Verzé is a wine of great purity, both floral and mineral, expressing a lively energy. Pale yellow and nicely aromatic, it offers up scents of white flowers, lemons, pit fruits and wet stones. Light-bodied, fresh, softly oaked and with seamless alcohol, it delivers flavours mirroring the nose, has good mid-palate density and finishes with medium length. This is a very credible white Burgundy that performs well above its pedigree.

Their cheeky charm and lively approach make them perfect as a pre-dinner drink served with salty finger foods such as chips, crackers, peanuts and olives. Their perfect all-round balance of vivacity, fullness, and smoothness plus aromatic complexity makes them easy to match with food. Poultry or veal in cream sauce does them justice in the winter, as does creamy risotto with meat, poultry, or fish. In the summer, they do justice to grilled fish, cold antipasto, ratatouille, or mixed salads with onions. They are even capable of taking sushi and goat’s cheese under their wing.

Serving temperature: 10 to 11°C as a pre-dinner drink,11 to 12°C with food.


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