Lecheneaut – Nuits Saint Georges Aux Chouillets

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This wine displays a strong color. Young, it imposes its personality. Fresh red fruit aromas mingle with fine plant fragrances evoking wild prunes as well as notes of licorice and spiced roses. Maturity, depth and roundness mask a strict final frame. We will perceive aromas of cocoa, smoked meat, and undergrowth. Age brings forth a generous and sensual smoothness.

Serving Suggestions:
Powerful and strongly built, this is the wine that confers on the Côte de Nuits its noble reputation of a sturdy character. Its normal partners would be any meat that is at full-flavored (roast lamb, rib steak, or breast of fattened duck), as the wine firmly coats and envelops its fibrous texture. Feathered game, similarly, responds to the charm of the wild and animal aromas that the wine develops with age. Sophisticated diners will also serve it with certain fish dishes such as carp in red-wine sauce. As for cheeses, it pairs well with soft centered cheeses in the style of Époisses, Langres or Soumaintrain.

Serving temperature: 14 to 16 °C.


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