Les Poete – Reuilly Pinot Gris La Toison D’or

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Reuilly Gris should be appreciated in the same way as a normal dry white wine. It should not be confused with Reuilly Rosé, since gris is obliged to be produced solely from Pinot Gris and needs to achieve a minimum of 10% potential alcohol for the right to the appellation.

Tasting notes:
Very aromatic, crisp and delicious, it acquires body and volume with age.
Aerial and delicate as a butterfly during a flight, it is a summery and refreshing wine.
Richer and with a longer lasting taste, its complexity and volume enable subtle pairings between food and wines.

Serving suggestions:
• Insalata di bresaola (air-cured beef salad)
• Salt and pepper squid
• Pulled pork with fennel and apple slaw
• Cheese

Serving temperature: 11 to 13 °C.



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