Les Poete – Sancerre

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This wine is a “world premiere” as Guillaume Sorbe, being a very good friend of Gilles Guillerault and Sebastien Fargette and already acclaimed by many wine critics to produce amongst the very best Sauvignon Blanc, asked Guillerault and Fargette whether he could make his own Sancerre from selected vineyards of their Domaine. A great friendly and quality focused adventure to produce amongst the best possible examples of Sancerre today!

Tasting Notes:
Bouquet of light citrus like lemon peel, nice flint, seashells, apricot skin. Green apples, lemon peel and hint of distinct grassiness on the nose.

The Palate matches that seashell note plus plenty of citrus and wet stones & minerals on the palate.

Serving suggestions:
Classic pairings for Sauvignon Blanc are goat cheese, seafood, green vegetables and salads.

Serving temperature: 11 to 13 °C.


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