Michel Gay – Aloxe Corton Vieilles Vignes

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The reds are quite dark in color, their shades varying from deep ruby through crimson to garnet. While young, the wine's aroma suggests a spring garden with small red fruits (raspberry, strawberry) and black fruits (blackcurrant, blackberry). These intensify with age and evolve into peony and jasmine, preserved and brandied fruits, pistachio, prune, leather, truffle, mushroom and cinnamon.

The deep soil begets a vigorous, full-bodied Pinot Noir, robust yet refined. Tender and fruity, this wine reaches its peak after 3 to 5 years in the cellar, revealing a firm and well-built body, richly chewy and with pleasing tannins.

Serving Suggestions:
The impressive power of the Aloxe-Corton reds demand forceful, aromatic dishes. Their generous and opulent personality softens firm-textured and fibrous meats. Their solid but distinguished tannins are a match for marbled meats and brown sauces. These great red wines go best with rib steaks, braised lamb, and poultry roasted or glazed. Ethnic dishes such as couscous with meat or meat tajines also combine well with this wine, as do soft-centered cheeses such Époisses, Ami du Chambertin, or Livarot.

Serving temperature: 15 to 16 °C.


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