Michel Gay – Beaune 1er Cru Coucherias

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1er Cru Beaune-Coucherias Rouge is made with 50-year-old vines planted on a south-facing hill. Fermentation is done in 20% new barrels and then aged in oak for 18 months. Instead of releasing immature products to the market, the winemaker keeps his wines in the cellar until he thinks they're ready.

Flavour: Medium-bodied, dry. Very pure red fruit in the cherry range with a heady minerality under it that lends depth and length. This parcel sits on very shallow topsoil and picks up the limestone qualities pretty profoundly which pairs nicely with the ripe fruit and balanced acidity.

Serving suggestions:
Roasted lamb and beef, or pan seared duck, roast turkey, and chicken.

Serving temperature: 13 to 15 °C.


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