Michel Gay – Chorey Les Beaune Vieilles Vignes

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This light and supple red wine is moderately tannic but rich and characterful. Quite vividly colored, it is often dark crimson with purplish highlights. The nose is dominated by small red fruits (raspberry, Morello cherry) and black fruits (blackberry) set off by notes of liquorice and underbrush. With age it evolves towards strawberry preserves and gingerbread with animal and leather notes. It is well-built with noticeably elegant tannins. Its well-rounded structure leaves an aftertaste of fruit on the palate.

Serving suggestions:
The subtlety, delicacy and refined tannins of red Chorey make it highly adaptable, a fine match for cold cuts, hot main dishes, or giblets, while its appealing and fluid structure gently partners balanced and harmonious dishes such as roast fowl, pizzas or boiled beef. It is also an ideal choice to go with Tex-Mex cuisine which gets an uplift from its fluidity and its fruity perfume. Chorey is an ideal «summer red», equally at ease with tabouleh or cold meats.

Serving temperatures: 12 to 13 °C for young wines, 15 to 16 °C for older wines.


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