Perrot-Minot – Vosne Romanee

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Color: Shades of red vary from pure ruby to black tulip.
Bouquet: Ripe fruit over species with strawberry, raspberry, bilberry or blackcurrant.
Palate: This cuvee reveals finesse, red fruit and white flower aroma.

Serving Suggestions:
Strongly flavored meats with a markedly fibrous consistency that the wine can tame and envelop. Good-quality poultry, lamb (patiently oven-roasted), and roasted feathered game. A thick cut of lean, firm-textured beef will match the wine's fullness, while spicy couscous with poultry will be equally delighted with such a wine for company. This accompanies strongly flavored cheeses such as Époisses, Langres, Saint-Florentin, or Aisy cendré, as well as Cîteaux. 

Serving temperature: 14 to 16 °C.


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