Pignier – Vin Jaune

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This wine ferments in oak barrels, where it remains to age under a veil of yeast for 6 years and half , in our cool, 13th-century cellars, without topping-up or racking. No addition of yeast, sugar, or any other oenological products. A strict selection process means that only one barrel out of three will be bottled as vin jaune, in special 620ml bottles; (the volume which is left from a litre of wine at the end of the ageing process). The wine is bottled following the lunar calendar on a "root" day, and stoppered with natural fire-branded corks.

Tasting notes:
Golden in colour, with a refined yet powerful nose of walnuts and citrus fruits. Rich and elegant in the mouth, this is a distinguished wine, tasting of walnuts and spices, with beautiful length.

Food pairing suggestions:
Vin jaune is best opened 24 hours before serving, or decanted a few hours in advance, then enjoyed at 16°C alongside sea fish, flavoursome meat in a white sauce, mushrooms, spicy sauces, strong cheeses, or even accompanying oriental or Caribbean dishes.


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